LP Provision

  1. Understanding LP:

    • Uniswap pairs manage liquidity pools with two tokens in reserves.

    • Liquidity Providers (LPs) deposit equivalent values of each token to earn pool tokens.

    • Pool tokens represent pro-rata LP shares and can be redeemed for underlying assets at any time.

  2. Automated Market Makers (AMM):

    • Pairs act as AMMs, accepting one token for another using the "constant product" formula (x * y = k).

    • This formula ensures the product (k) of reserve balances remains unchanged during trades.

    • Larger trades execute at exponentially worse rates, creating market efficiency.

  3. Introducing LP Farming:

    • Enhancing liquidity and trading options with the introduction of LP farming.

    • Users can earn $NBET token rewards by providing liquidity to designated pairs.

  4. Rewards Structure:

    • Utilizing a portion of the locked supply on UniCrypt, dedicated to community long-term benefits.

    • Rewards for LP farmers who stake their tokens on Nodebet.app.

    • Specifics of the reward structure and additional details to be announced in upcoming updates.

Join us for a seamless blend of liquidity provision and token rewards. Stay tuned for exciting updates on reward structures and more opportunities to grow with us!

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